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Elgin to Port Clinton, OH

Oh Boy, going into Chicago city traffic

St Mary of the Angels, Italian Romanesque est. 1897

Funny place for a water tower

Chicago skyline

St. Stanislaus Polish Church near Interstate 90

Old photo of St. Stanislaus

Founded in 1868

Only 2 seasons in Chicago - Winter and Construction

So many tall buildings

Eastbound through Indiana

White Sox Cellular Field

Old and new style homes

A section of the Elevated train track

A photo of the "L" in the city

We have to pay the toll to leave Chicago

Bridge over the Calumet River

Crossing the Calumet

Welcome to Indiana

Now we are on the Indiana Tollway

Wolf Lake, Indiana

Wolf Lake spans both states

Out of the city now into the trees

Elkhart, IN home of RV manufacturing

and the RV Hall of Fame

RV Hall of Fame, we'll see this next time around

Looks like a flower seed farm

They were very bright colors, dimmed by the the cloudy sky

And here comes the rain again

Now entering Ohio

Different, all white farm buildings

Goats out to pasture

Proud Ohio farmer

Oh Oh, raining just where we are going to camp.

Port Clinton Elks Lodge

Port Clinton on Lake Erie

We left the Chicago suburbs on Interstate 90/80. It was rainy and going toward the City with commuter traffic. What fun driving a motorhome with tow car in this mess.

We saw some amazing old churches and buildings in Chicago that were right next to the interstate. They had to build the interstate somewhere. We passed the White Sox Cellular Field and part of the “L” – the yellow elevated train track.

When we passed the main part of the City we closed in on the Indiana border, but didn’t cross into Indiana before having to pay a toll fee to leave Illinois. Then of course a little while later we had to pay toll on the Indiana Tollway. And yes, later again when we crossed into Ohio.

When paying our second toll fee Larry chatted with toll booth person who said, "We are the highway robbers".

We passed Elkhart Indiana where there are many RV manufacturers, and even the RV Hall of Fame. Another place to put on the “to do” list for later.

The rain of Chicago’s morning drive dissipated but then another very dark thunderstorm caught up with us in Port Clinton, Ohio. As we turned away from the interstate toward Lake Erie and our campground it looked like we would be arriving at the campground in time to get drenched. Luckily, it passed to the north of the campground and missed us.

We later went to the Port Clinton Elks for dinner and conversation. We learned about Commodore Perry fighting the Battle of “Put In Bay” (on the Islands off Port Clinton’s shore) in the War of 1812 (Sept of 1813).

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