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Wedding Chapel

Entrance to Fremont Street

Heart Attack Grill

74 Degrees

Candy on Zipline

Vivavision Canopy

Fremont Street East

Fremont Casino

Four Queens

Big Balls

VivaVision Show

Cowboy Sign

I need to say that it is appalling to wander thru the RV Park and people have their A/C’s running. Sure is rough to be here in the sun.

Our journey today took us to the Fremont Street Experience, also known as Glitter Gulch. We waited until evening to visit so we could take in all the lights. On the way there we did view one of several Wedding Chapels that are all over town waiting for the short romances to end up married. As you approach the entrance of the Fremont Street Experience there is a large sign announcing that you have arrived. It is amazing how many people are there, must be all tourist. Fremont street has been turned into a 5 block long outdoor mall that the only traffic is the cross streets. It is beautiful to stroll down the street and see the famous casinos that are shown in the old gangster movies. One of the interesting places is the Heart Attack Grill, if you weigh more than 350 pounds, you eat free. They have a scale at the entrance to weigh everyone that enters. Fremont Street is where Las Vegas started as the gambling capital of the USA, so there is historic feeling walking between the casinos. As you pass the Fremont Casino, Golden Nugget, Four Queens and of course Glitter Gulch, to see all the lights that adore the buildings. Overhead is a screen that is called Vivavision, it is a Barrel Vault Canopy that reaches 90 feet above the sidewalk. It has 12.5 million LED lights that are timed with music that puts on a show every hour for 10 minutes. It takes 10 computers to operate the show, what an amazing show it puts on. There also is the Slotzilla Zipline that goes overhead from one end to the other. It has two levels, the high one starts at 117 feet above street level and goes the full length of Fremont Street, the other starts at 77 feet above street level and travels half the length. The 77 feet height is the one Candy took, she really enjoyed it. As you stroll the street there are 3 stages with entertainment for 45 minutes each hour. I kind of liked the Hollywood Hotties. We did stop at the Fremont Casino and had supper in the Tony Roma’s restaurant before leaving. Did get a shot of the temperature at 9:00 pm tonight. As you leave there is another sign welcome to Fremont Street East, this is the area you don’t go into. It is the old hotels that have been closed since the Strip is where most of the new casinos are being built. This was a very enjoyable evening we had.

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