Road trip Southeastern USA 2014 travel blog

Fort Smith



site of the first fort



old barracks-courthouse

where the officers uarters was now only floor remains















inside visitor center





Branson, MO mock up of the Titanic


the ice burg hits lol



after a very nice night camping, I pack up my camp getting everything loaded just as it started to rain, off now to check out Fort Smith built on the banks of the Arkansas River the first fort built in 1817, second fort built in 1832 and was used until 1871, was one of the fort used for the Trail of Tears, then it became the Federal Court in 1872 until 1896 when the new court house was built. When it was the court house it served Isaac C. Parker the hanging judge, 79 people were hung from his gallows. Then on the road to Missouri with a short stop at the civil war battlegrounds of Pea Ridge, and on to Branson. I stopped at the Titanic mueseum it is built 1/2 size of the Titanic, the foward section of the ship, when you go in to the muesum you are given the name of a person who was on board then at the end of the tour you can look up the name of that person and see if they lived or when down with the ship. My card was for a crew member John Podesta a fireman/stoker age 24, who live, he was one of the oars men on the life raft, lived to be 80 years old. Got checked into my hotel and the out for some dinner at Whippersnappers Restaurant all you can eat seafood buffet, Had 3 whole lobsters, snow crab legs, crawdads, and a bunch of shrimps really stuff my self, lol then back to hotel and bed.

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