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Well, it's been about a month since I last updated my blog so I decided to make some time for it today. Busan (often called Pusan by the locals) was my first introduction to South Korea and it was a lot of fun. I ended up staying in a really nice high-rise apartment that had been converted into a hostel. The guy who owned it really loved to party and went out every night with us and introduced us to local food and lots of fools-ball :-). I went out most nights and it was crazy. Bars don't seem to close like they do back home so people would be out quite late until 6-7am in some cases. This also meant that people would be sleeping until late in the afternoon, so for me this was a bit of an adjustment as I like to get up early and see the sights. South Korea is definitely a place I would recommend to those who like to drink and party.

South Korea has a different culture than Japan and people are generally a bit more direct and not always as friendly from my experiences. There were exceptions of course like anywhere but I found I was overwhelmed with people asking if I needed help in Japan, wherein South Korea I would have to ask for assistance. It may have just been a language barrier as I found that most people I talked to in South Korea had little to no knowledge of English. In fact, the people who are often most capable of speaking English are kids as English (at least a bit) is now taught in most of the schools.

Busan is a nice place to visit and is generally where most people in South Korea go to relax. They have many sights to see and have a few beaches that attract a lot of tourists. I didn't take as many pictures in Busan as I would have liked, but you can see the pictures that I did upload here.

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