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The kids had some questions today about the Legos that I didn’t know the answer to. One was “how do they get the markings on the legos that have details (such as clothing, etc.) Is it painted on? The other question was “What is the tallest Lego structure ever built?” Answers: The markings are put on the LEGO's by computer as they travel along a conveyor belt. While they did not show that as part of the tour, Renate' told us how they are done. THe tallest LEGO structure in the world a tower made of Lego bricks at Legoland Windsor in England. The tower was made of almost half a million bricks. It stands nearly 100ft tall and is shaped to resemble a Viking longboat. The tallest at LEGOLand in Carlsbad, California, is 92 feet and 6 inches. It took 12,000 people using more than 400,000 bricks and five days to build the tower. People keep competing to break the record so I'm sure these won't last.

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