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Puerto Madryn sunrise




Welsh chapel

Welsh museum, Gaiman

Welsh teahouse





1st house of Gaiman


Welsh school

going whale watching..looking good!

2 whales

pretty close!

whale tail

blowhole spray


Peninsula Valdes - watching the Orcas


Peninsula Valdes

elephant seals on beach

elephant seals


Welsh pictures just for you dad..and i have more, just too boring to post them all!

Decided to head to Puerto Madryn for a couple of days before heading into the carnage of Buenos Aires. I wanted to see a bit of Patagonia (far too cold to go any further south!) and see the whales and also thought should go and see the Welsh colonies due to my roots!

The Welsh village has to be one of the most bizarre places have been on my travels - in the middle of Argentina there is a whole community of Welshies - they don't even speak any Spanish! For first time in my life i actually wish i could speak some Welsh...but nevermind, i had a nice day walking around (on my own - funnily enough couldn't persuade anyone to come with me!) and went into one of the teahouses for a proper welsh tea. Which was very traditional - about 7 pieces of cake, bread and butter and a plate of sandwiches, all for one person! And the first cup of decent tea i've had since i left home...all whilst listening to welsh male voice choir music - almost felt homesick! Lovely afternoon though - Dad you need to pay a visit!!

I also went whale watching! Did a day trip to the Peninsula Valdes and saw lots of wildife.. The whales are just incredible - we saw so many of them - they are absolutely massive and is amazing how they can jump fully out of the water - i could watch them forever. We also saw a family of orcas from the beach as they were so close to the shore - they were chasing the baby sea-lions, but unfortunately (or foruntately for the baby seals!) didn't see one get a catch!

So am off to Buenos Aires to meet my friends for a week of partying and city-life after a short but relaxing time in Patagonia...3rd night bus in 6 days - am getting hardcore!!

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