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See the evac sign?

Soi Eric


I take this as being a bad sign.

So after the liveaboard we made it to Phu ket the and I have to say that it's recovery from the Tsunami is pretty evident. That and the fact that it's smaller then I thought it would be but it's still pretty built up. I definetly prefer the smaller places where it still has some "rustic charm". Tommorow I am off to BKK and then finally starting to get back on the road.

Funny note

The elections are on in Thailand so you can't buy any beer or booze until after the elections are over. Happens to be midnite tonight. A beach town is only so much fun when it's dry.

Also there is a Soi Eric here, it's full of small bars and go-go joints. Someone tell Eric he's been established since 1991! ;)

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