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Chinese Pavilion

Private Dining!

Guard's Tent


The Palace

Nice view!

Daisy watching the Royal Ducks!

Royal Ducks


The Theatre


Lakeside view

The Royal palace from the lake

Royal Geese

Today we headed out Drottningholm Palace on Lake Mȁlaren. The rain from the day before had disappeared to leave a warm sunny day.

Drottningholm has been the home of the Swedish royal family since 1981.The construction of the palace began in 1662 on the orders of King Karl X’s widow Queen Hedvig Eleonora and was completed in 1681.The palace, although a smaller version was modelled on Versailles.

We started our visit by exploring the Palace Park which with its mixture of English parkland and French-inspired baroque gardens. We discovered the Chinese Pavilion which was built in 1753 in a Rococo style as a royal summerhouse. One of small pavilions was a private dining room where the then royals could have private meals without servants present. The table came up through the floor loaded with the food. However the general population who had free access to the park could stand and watch the royals eat through the windows!

Close to the Chinese Pavilion was another interesting building which was the Guard’s Tent. This was built to accommodate the Royal Guards but although built of wood was clad with iron sheeting and painted to resemble a Turkish army camp.

Near to the palace was the Castle theatre which dates back to 1766 which still has the original backdrops and stage machinery made of wood and operated by hand. Although Tony did the tour only the front of house areas were visited. A little disappointing.

The rooms viewed on the Palace tour by Heather were also disappointing although the entry staircase was magnificent.

However exploring the grounds and seeing the palace from the outside was very enjoyable on a warm sunny day.

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