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Maya & Linda, gorgeous!


Pink Shasta Begonia


Pink Phragmipedium Orchid

Phragmipedium Brownhurst Orchid


Wild looking orchid

Looking down on the orchids

So tall!

Lollipop Plant

Dwarf Bananas


Humid like the jungle

Suriname Powder Puff

Len heading downstairs

Blue Trumpet


Maya liked this duck

Singapore Gold


Rainforest hitchhikers

Poisonous Frog

Dutchman's Pipe (Panama)

Roots on this tall plant

It is a jungle in here

One of the last things we checked out at the Denver Botanic Gardens was the Tropical Conservatory. What an amazing place. You walk thru the doors into a tropical jungle. Damp, humid and magnificent. Everywhere you turn was vibrant colors, lush greens and big plants (2 stories high) from all over the world. What a wonderful experience! There is so much to see and we did a quick run through as it was getting late. We will definitely be returning here when we are in Denver next time. This is a must if you find yourself in Denver.

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