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Spencer wanted to send me off "fortified" for my trip so he cooked a delicious bacon and egg breakfast - he used tumeric as a seasoning and I loved it. I laundered all the bed linen and towels this morning . I feel good that I left Spencer's house in order.

It was 46 degrees when I drove to the airport in the early afternoon. I was grateful that I didn't have to go through de-icing. Once again I was approved for pre-check in and sailed through security. Lucky me.

When I boarded the plane I found a little treat bag on my seat with a note from the parents of the baby girl behind me. The bag had small candies and a pair of earplugs in case the baby cried for 4 hours. Thoughtful but unnecessary. Little Brooklyn ( that was her name) was an angel.

First thing I did when I got home was start my car and drive to the mail box. The next stop was Mary Jane and John's. I told them all my holiday news and they caught me up on the Canyon Vista goings on.

Tomorrow I move to Pueblo El Mirage - the start of a new adventure.

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