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Today we headed to just outside Tanumshede to the Tanum World Heritage Area a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here there are over 600 Bronze Age petroglyps or rock carvings. They were carved into the rocks between 1800 to 500 BC. At the time the area was the sea shore. The Bronze Age people at the time were very sophisticated craftsmen and travelers by water.

We started our visit at the museum which provided an excellent description of the Bronze Age period and the background to why they were carved. It also highlighted the ongoing problem of trying to preserve the carvings and debated why some of the carvings had been painted red so they were more visible to tourist.

We then visited the four more important sites. The extent of the carvings was highlighted by the first area and as we visited each site the uniqueness of some of the carvings clearly became apparent.

At the Litsleby site there was the Spear God 2.3m high and the largest petroglyp of a human in Scandinavia. There were a lot of boats, men and animals all depicting life in the Bronze Age. The painting of them did help in clearly seeing what they were but others that had been left.

A fascinating place to visit.

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