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Beaver tail cacti flowering




Mens washroom. Towel dispenser kept rolling out more paper every 8 seconds


Size wise about a foot long and 6 inchs tall.



These are burro donkey trails heading to their watering holes.

look for the hoof marks

Martinez lake

Didn't expect to find something like this here in this area. Now...

Found the border patrol blimp landing pad. there were 2 on the...

Customs Border blimp between Yuma and Quartszite

Taking a drive up to Martinez Lake near Castle Dome Landing.There s a fella here from Alberta who goes fishing up there quite often so it needs exploring.The Imperial Wildlife Refuge is also found nearby.

After about a half hour drive and quite close to the lake we had a few road choices to make,we seen a Wildlife Refuge sign and chose that direction.The gravel road took us to a very nice visitor center that had the info on whatever is living in this environment. We found 2 of the 3 tortoises out back and walked over to their viewing area but that would turnout to be the only creatures we would see today. There were many signs on the road in (scat)that burros reside here. We drove up Red Cloud Mine road for a couple of more miles then turned back thinking we should really check out the lake that we came up here to see.

Eventually we found the community of Martinez Lake surrounded by every kind of accommodation imaginable from RVs to monster homes. There are so many bays in this lake making it difficult to actually know where we were and we ended up going in circles. We were seeking a resort for coffee and a bite to eat but could not find that elusive place, so we left and went home. That resort and the rest of Martinez Lake will have to be explored another time.

The end is drawing near for our stay here and I have drawn up our route home and should be interesting if the weather cooperates, Area 51 sounds interesting.....as long as we don't go past the black mailbox!!!! Apparently there is a military presence that will swoop down and arrest any trespassers.

Leaving here April 1st and that is NO Aprils fool joke.

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