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Big Rock to Elgin

Cute farmhouse and matching playhouse

Small towns in between farmland

Looks like a Chicago Mafia car

Oops, this caused a traffic delay

Several small lakes between towns

Queen Anne's lace growing everywhere along the roads

More modern looking water towers

Lovely old buildings with modern usage

Visiting the Sycamore Elks Lodge

Some amazing homes out in the suburbs

Another custom home

Visiting the DeKalb Elks Lodge

Older number, small but friendly

We moved to Elgin yesterday to Paul Wolff campground and settled in. Having chatted with my cousin and found they had a very busy schedule for a couple days, we relaxed on our own and did some browsing around the area.

We visited nearby Sycamore Elks Lodge, and also DeKalb Elks. We enjoy meeting locals and hearing about the area and asking about the things to do and see while we are in the area. And it is just enjoyable to chat with them and share ideas about the Elks. Oh yeah, and getting more lodge pins for our collection.

We entertained the idea of taking a train into Chicago and walking around Navy Pier of seeing the museum but the more we thought about it we were not crazy about walking around in a large city in this heat and humidity so we simply relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful campground.

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