Road trip Southeastern USA 2014 travel blog

can see the steam it is hot


bathouse row



inside one of the old bath houses now the visitor center

men's room




ladies room




setting room




the gym






one of the springs




tower on top of hill

veiw from the top






on the river near Fort Smith

my camp



couple boys swiming

I have now completed my second bucket list for the USA, the first one completed serveral years ago was driving in every state, and the second one was to sleep in every state now that is done (have to come up with another one, lol. A damp morning had rain last night but was dry in my tent off for some breakfast and little computer stuff, packed up my camp, tent is wet so will need to set up again to dry it out, got everything load and head out to the Hot Springs National Park. Did a walk along bath house row some of the old houses from the early 1900 still there with a couple still in use, did a soak in one of them water was 104 in the pool I used was nice to relax in. Took a drive to the top of the hill checked out the tower nice veiw from the top, was nice that they had a elevator was a long way to the top, lol. Next it was off for a drive through the Arkansas country side to a campground along the Arkansas River near Fort Smith. Got set up nice afternoon sunny and warm, got my tent dried out, did a walk along the river back to camp some dinner a couple of beers (had to hide them lol) and to bed.

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