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After Hiroshima I knew that I wanted to start looking into getting into South Korea and that there were several Ferry options between the two countries. I found a nice website dedicated to travel anywhere in the world by train, ferry, and sometimes by bus and explains everything in detail. This site is called Seat 61. This has been one of the most useful sties for me so far and listed three different Ferries from Japan all with very different options. The slowest and therefore the cheapest Ferry takes over 15 hours and of course has more expensive options for getting beds to sleep on the journey over (some are mats on the ground and others are american style beds but are really expensive). Personally I was worried about getting sea-sick so I decided against the long ferry option. I then looked at the fastest option to get there and it was going to Hakata Port in Fukuoka and taking what the locals call the Beetle and travelling by high-speed ferry. This option was a bit more for sure (the difference of $130 to $190 with all taxes and extras) but would only take 3 hours. I ended up opting for this as I didn't want to waste any days just travelling.

To get to Fukuoka from Hiroshima, I ended up taking a high speed bullet train again and it was fantastic. It looked like a far distance on the map to travel but it barely took more than an hour to get there on the Shinkansen (high speed train). The distance between these two places is a lot like the distance between Edmonton and Calgary. I must admit that I didn't do a lot of sight seeing in Fukuoka as I spent a large amount of time getting all of my information together for getting into South Korea. I did however find a nice beer factory near the hostel that I was staying at and ate at a Mongolian restaurant that while being a bit on the pricey side was really fantastic. Their food was quite different and the beer was phenomenal (it's made right in the building).

The next day after we got everything figured out, we ended up taking the Beetle from Hakata port to Busan port. I had no idea how fast this Ferry was until I got on it. After looking on Google, I figured out the distance between the two ports is about 214km. The Ferry takes approximately 3 hours to get there so I figured that the ferry must have been going around 70km/hr. That is one really fast ferry. That combined with the really really big waves that we were going through (not the greatest weather) made a whole lot of people really sick on this ferry. I had a bit of a tough time keeping it together so I took a anti-nausea pill as soon as I saw what the ride was going to be like. Thankfully I didn't have any problems but I guess I should have known better when I found out that it was a high speed ferry as it's going to jump up and down a lot faster than a normal boat. Regardless, I ended up getting to Busan safely and with relative ease so I was quite happy as flying is quite a bit more expensive than the options that I opted for.

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