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After listening to crackling movie info on the cell phone from Big Meadows Lodge in Shenandoah National Park, we realized that we were just going to have to pick either Charlottesville or Harrisonburg, Virginia, if we wanted to find a midnight showing of Star Wars. Plus a shower sounded kinda nice. And a hot tub. The movie line suggested that Star Wars was sold out in Charlottesville, so Harrisonburg won out. An hour later we had booked a room at the Best Western in Harrisonburg and were scraping layers of grime and ticks off our bodies.

A call to the local Regal Cinemas indicated that the movie was sold out, but there was a potential for more screens to open up, so I drove to the theater, walked in and fortunately caught them just as they opened a theater. Woo hoo! So Sam and I hung out the whole afternoon (shower, food, hot tub, Barnes and Noble) and showed up at the theater at 10:30, at which point we were told to simply go into the theater and grab a seat! Usually these opening nights involve a long wait outside and a mad dash for seats, so we were quite surprised and got some of the best seats in the place. After which we sat and talked for an hour and half about morons who go to opening nights of nerd movies and how we are both glad that we're different than them.

We both thought the movie kicked some ASS! Maybe if there were light sabers in Million Dollar Baby, it would have been a better show. Light sabers really make a movie good. Adding Samuel L Jackson as a badass doesn't really hurt either, so maybe Morgan Freeman could have been replaced with Samuel L for a different result. We can only ponder these things, though.

Got back to the hotel at 3:00 a.m. and spent some time putting out a fire in the wood chips in front of our room that some douchebag had started by flipping his cigarette there. Brilliant. For some reason or another, we both woke at 8:30 and decided to grab some breakfast and chill in the hot tub before checking out and looking for coffee. We passed through Harrisonburg on the way to Detroit back in December and thought it was a steaming pile, but on closer examination, the center of town is really nice and a cafe called The Artful Dodger was awesome.

Then we headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed to this little inn in Nellysford, VA, that we had found on the Internet. Next posting . . .

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