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Caught up with Ken's friend, Ross, for a coffee in town. Really nice guy who Ken says hasn't changed at all (well except for the fact he now has a wife, 3 kids, the start of a bald patch and a VERY successful building company!!) Ken really enjoyed catching up with him and we have been invited to park the van in their drive way if we head back this way.

Now arrived in MacKay. Not so keen on it here. When we arrived it was very windy and lots of dust from the dust storm so we curled up in the caravan for a bit of a snooze for a couple of hours. Once the wind had died down we headed off into town to check out the night life. What night life?! There was none! The town was as dead as a door nail and it was Saturday night! What the?!

Went back to the van for baked beans on toast and an early night. Had contemplated staying here an extra night but it is a no go now.

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