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james tries out our new equipment, but wheres the water!!!

this is sometimes a river, they tell us!

one of the locals

james has a close encounter of a dolphin kind at monkey mia

feed me, feed me!


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Hi guys, well we made it down the coast to monkey mia, not all the way though, we had to stop off about 100km short as we had driven 600kn that day and it was enough! We stopped off at Hamelin bay for the night, very quite but got to see our first kangaroo, woo hoo!!!!

There are some rock formations here, that are only found in one other place in the world so we had to go and have a gander at them too! They look like rocks in the water but they are actually blocks of microbs that build these wierd stuctures, interesting anyway!

The next day, refreshed we drove the final 100km to Monkey Mia and got to see some dolphins!

We actually got to swim with them too. They are wild dolphins that come into the bay of their own accord whenever they want during the day. They get fed a small amount of fish in the morning and have been doing this for 30 years but thet still come and go as they please and we were very lucky.

2 dolphins had been cruising up and down the shore line a few times in the afternoon and we watched them abit, then we got our snorkelling stuff and got in the water, about an hour later 5 dolphins appearded and started making their way down the shore line towards us, just swimming really slowly, having a nosey.

Me and James lined ourselves up so we were in prime postion for when they passed and it was fantastic. We were about 4ft apart and the dolphins swam right between us, the water was only 1m deep so they were so close we could have touched then if we wanted (but we didn't though) It was amazing, 3 passed in the middle of us and 2 more went to the other side of me, we were surrounded by them, cant tell you how good it felt, just brilliant!

It seemed so sureal, they had a right good look at us while we were looking at them with our masks on, bet we looked funny to them hehe!!

Anyway, we got on the wine after that and had a little celebration, not such a good idea the next day when we were up at 6.30am to watch then being fed!!!!

About 15 dolphins came into the bay that morning, 3 of them had calves with them, one of the babies was only 4 weeks old, nuff cute!!!

Only four of the dolphins are fed as they have to make sure it does not interfere with their normal eating patterns, but they all come very close to shore and stay there for about an hour. Some memebers of the public are chosen to feed them, not us unfortuatly but the experiance was still good!

After that we high tailed back down the coast, we have been told the area south of Perth is also nice, so got a few days left to spend down there. We stopped off after another full day of driving at Jurien Bay, which was a good place to snorkel. We arrived too late for snorkelling but James got to go fishing so he was pleased, he caught a few tiddlers with his $4 line and hook but his best catch of the day was right at the end, you'll have to look at the photos!!!

We are now in Freemantle, a smaller town just next to Perth, we have been round the sunday markets and chilled out. We just needed a day of no driving!!!

We will head south 2moz so will roprt back soon


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