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olive trees on my way to Naples from bari

rows of trees

rolling hills

pretty scenery

What a night! After spending the majority of the day hanging out at the hostel without a room I caught the bus back to the ferry port. Once there I had no clue where to go so i walked around and found myself in a deserted building that turned out to be for cruise ship people. A guard stopped me and wante to see my ticket. He helped me find where to go.

Waited there for what felt like forever before some other people showed up. The ferry was schedualed to stop there at 10:30pm. 10:30 came and went and still no ferry. I ended up meeting 4 american girls who were all fresh out of high school and studying in London for a few weeks. They were freaking out about the boat.

Finally, at around 1 am the boat showed up. We all got on and were shown to this tiny room where we were to sleep. The american girls didn't like it so they went to complain. Oh they made me laugh. An older greek man was infront of them and snored so loud all night. They kept kicking his seat and yelling at him to shut up. Yep. Great night.

We got into Bari at 11:30am, 3 hours late. We hopped on a bus to the train station. They were headed for Rome and I was going to Naples so we seperated ways. I got a bus ticket instead of a train ticket as the bus came sooner and was cheaper.

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