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Chef's helper, man can these two girls cook up a storm!

Mr Kwan, one of the Instructors/guides

Dan being Dan

Our Singapore fun divers from Kho Tao who cam with us for...





Dan and Carla, Dan being Dan again

Ricky and Lital

Richard another DMT from Buddha, we were 12 strong on the boat.

Boat boys

On the roof again for the ride back from the pier.



just a random elephant in the bush on the way!

Geraldo applying some first aid - vinegar for jellyfish stings

our first dive site

Ghost pipe fish! you would not believe how small this guy is.


Giant Morey Eel these guy scanget really friggin big. Often 1-2 meters...





Juvinile LionFish

Can you beat this?

Nother site


Another pipe fish



Chris giving his brief, the man is also the father of a...


Rock fish

Iridescent box fish, love these little guys




dan scaring the turtle, just kidding


So last night we tried to go out in exciting downtown Koh Lak. . . it's not that much going on.

This morning I was trying to get motivated to head to Puket to get a flight to BKK. Lital and Ricky were supposed to head to Chompon for a night and get back to Koh Tao but instead Ricky, Lital and myself are heading to Phuket to spend a couple of nights down there since none of us have been there yet.

Oh how things change. Am I ever going to get to Africa? I can't even get out of Thailand right now! ;) Thankgod my visa expires at the end of this month which forces me to be in BKK no later then the 27th and out on the 30th!

But back to the liveaboard though. Now it was 8000 baht, how can you say no two that? Again everything was excellent. There are some great mpegs of mantas and dolphins but it won't fit on this website. You guy will have to deal with the stills! ;)

Also want to give thanks to Dan for all of the underwater shot's from this trip and the last one!

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