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Had lots of issues moving the coach to my site in the RV park. For some reason, the police decided to block off the street going south just at the intersection of the storage facility. I had to explain that I was making a turn and did not want to proceed further south. Finally I was granted permission to go ahead. My driver was not so lucky. It took lots more convincing on his part but at last, he too, was waved on. When he arrived at the coach the engine would not start - neither would the generator. That is the first time ever that has happened. Thank goodness I had contracted a mobile repairman who happened to have a battery and big time jumper cables in his truck.

We left Shawn's truck on my spot at storage and he followed me to Canyon Vista. The good news is that for the first time in this park my motorhome is level on my site without having to alter the grade. The bad news is that my full wall slide will not open. Shawn is returning tomorrow to ( fingers crossed) fix the slide issue. The bedroom slide came out without a problem so at least I can lay down comfortably tonight.

After I drove Shawn back to storage to retrieve his truck, ( another harangue to get through the barricade), I treated myself to a protein style In-N-Out burger for dinner. It was every bit as good as I remembered.

To quote Scarlett O'Hara," Tomorrow is another day."

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