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Four Corners - where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado meet. The surveyors found the exact spot and it just happens to be on Navajo land. Years ago when Tom and I came with the kids, the spot was marked by a simple plaque. Now it's a whole big tourist attraction. Three dollars to the Navajo Nation and you can put your hands and feet in all four states at one time. Surrounding "the spot" are vendors selling all things native American - jewelry, paintings, carvings etc.

Ninety miles or so down the road is Canyon De Chelly ( d'shay). I arrived at 11 am - daylight savings time. The Navajo Reservation observes daylight savings time unlike the rest of Arizona. Tours are usually given at noon and 4 but since I was only one person and there is a minimum of two people I was not able to get a tour today BUT the good news is a single lady signed up for a tour tomorrow at 9am so I was invited to join her. YEAH! It's a bit unusual to have a National Monument on tribal land. Only native Americans can give Jeep tours in the canyon. In the summer the Park Rangers conduct hikes but they stop after Labor Day.

Not knowing if I would get on a tour, I took the self guided drive along the South and North Rims of the canyon. It was over 80 miles long and took four hours to complete. There are 10 stops - some close to the road, some 5 miles in and then a quarter mile walk to the overlook. Worth every mile! Can't wait to get the "up close and personal" tour tomorrow of this spectacular place.

The landscape on my drive today was dotted with buttes and mesas and other fantastic rock outcroppings. The sun shone on those red rocks as if to say "welcome back to Arizona."

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