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Dual filter bypass kit mounted under the driver's floorboard area.

(Ron Writing) I can’t believe it’s been a week since we updated our journal. We had great weather last week and we took advantage of that by spending quite a bit of time working on outdoor projects.

John and I test-fit the bumper and hitch on the truck. We had to shim the mounting brackets of the bumper a little to line up with the reinforced frame where the doublers were added on the spider of the C-channel. Yesterday the grade 8-hitch bolts arrived via UPS and today I purchased some angle iron in Wickenburg so we now have all the materials to finish the job. Unfortunately it looks like it will be next week before we get some nice weather again.

I installed a K&N air filter in the truck last week. These are very highly rated reusable filters that seem to do an excellent job of cleaning the air while allowing air to flow more freely to the engine.

John helped me install an Amsoil dual bypass oil filter on the Avalanche last week. He’s been using one of these on his truck for some time and he convinced me that I should have one on our truck. The installation involves replacing the original oil filter with an adapter. Two hoses lead from the adapter to the dual filter assembly. One of the filters is a full-flow 12 micron filter that is much larger than the original equipment filter. The second filter is a by-pass filter that more slowly filters a fraction of the oil through a one micron filter. These two filters work together to provide much better filtering than the original 25-micron filter which, as John says, basically just filters out nuts and bolts! We also added a Fumoto valve on the oil pan to make it much easier to change oil and then we replaced the dino oil with Amsoil synthetic oil. I’m anticipating we will be able reduce our oil change interval to about one year and perhaps change the full-flow filter twice a year.

On Monday John and Elena & I went to Quartzsite AZ. We left our rigs here and just made it a day trip. When we left it was raining but while in Quartzsite there was just one short period of rain. It was cool and the ground was still quite wet from recent rains. Actually this was quite nice because it can be very dusty there most years during the big RV Show. We walked all around the “Big Event”, “Tyson Wells”, and “Big Tent”. Each area is full of flee market vendors and RV related merchandise. We each found a few things we were looking for and it’s always fun the see the latest gadgets and promotions.

While we were in Quartzsite John’s nephew and wife called him on his cell phone. They were about 20 miles west of Quartzsite on their way from Tacoma, WA to Scottsdale, AZ. They didn’t know John was in Quartzsite but we managed to meet them at McDonald’s and had a nice visit. John has often told us about his nephew so it was nice to meet him.

Today I finished installing MaxxAir II vent covers on the roof of the trailer. These covers allow us to have the vents open even if it is raining or very windy. Vents can even be left open while driving. We see these vent covers on over half of the RVs around and I’ve been intending to install them for the past couple years.

Elena has been doing some baking & cooking. She also finds magazines to read in the club house and has been exchanging some goodies with our friends Dot and Dick.

The weather was great last week but this week is one storm after another. The third storm is supposed to come in tonight and they are forecasting winds up to 60 mph along with two to three inches of rain. We’ve got the solar panel down, the TV antenna down, the lawn chairs stowed and are just hoping we can keep the wheels down on the ground!

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