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It's amazing to Nancy and I the things that fall into our paths when we're out exploring. A week ago we decided to check out Cedar Breaks National Monument which we've documented in one of our posts.

While there we checked out the campground and found that it wasn't open yet but we were able to drive thru the campground and talk to the camphosts. We found out that they were to open the next day and that the 2nd camphosts had to decline for health reasons, and that there was an opening for that position starting right then if we were so inclined. At that point we weren't, but we agreed to talk to the area manager at the visitor center, who we found to be a very agreeable nice guy, as are the current camphosts.

This is what we were looking at. We would have to commit for 2 1/2 months until the end of August. Full 50 amp hookups provided along with propane and a free washer and dryer within 1/2 mile. Free firewood, hot showers and flush toilets plus $400 per month. But the best part was that we would be sharing responsibilities with the other camphosts and would be working 4 days with the next 3 days off one week, and 3 days with the next 4 days off the next week. Our responsibilities would be minimal compared to what we had to do at One Mile in the Taylor Canyon last summer. And it would get our foot in the door with the National Park Service for potential future gigs at other National Park locations like Rocky Mountain NP which is only 75 miles from where Jeff, Linda and our granddaughters live in the Denver area. Not to mention that we would be able to live free in a spectacularly beautiful 10,400 ft elevation location with tons of off roading not far away, and we still will have September to travel to Wyoming or wherever we want to. This just seemed to good of a deal to pass up, so we didn't. We are currently located here and are undergoing training, and we started doing part of our jobs yesterday. We'll send pictures in a later post.

I wanted to get away from the Arizona heat, and I can't imagine where we could go in the lower 48 that would be further from that heat. Temperatures during the day in the 68 to 75 degree range and so far at night it's been in the mid 40's. How perfect is that!! Great views of the surrounding alpine forest from the rig and the campground and lots more as you move about the area. Cedar City is about 20 miles away and seems to be a very pleasant little city with all of the necessary shopping. It's at about 5600 ft elevation so it's quite a drop and steep climb to and from it. There is a 13 mile section of Rt 143 on the way to town that is at a 13 % grade. I've never driven on this steep of a drive for that distance. Fortunately we were in the Ranger, not the Dutch Star.

We have not been able to get an internet connection, so yesterday we purchased a Wilson Electronics booster kit that is allowing us to to what I'm doing right now. Not fast, but it works.

More to come.

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