2018 Winter travel blog

Granite Mountain Trailhead

Candy and her mule





We decided that today would be our trail ride day. We contacted Diamond Back Adventures which are the people we talked with in Tombstone. They knew about my condition and said there would be not issue with me getting on and off the mule. We met Penny and Tieh, the wranglers, out at one of the parks at the trail head, as it is called out here. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and temperature around 70 degrees. The breeze was chilly but other than that it was prefect. We planned on a 2 hour ride but Tieh contacted us and said we should just start out with the hour ride and everything was alright, we would continue on for another hour. That was a great call by him. They unloaded the mules and we started the mounting process. Tieh was not joking about getting me on the animal, he picked me up and set me on the mule. It was the same when we returned, he said put my arm around his neck and the next thing I knew I was off. These two people were just super great with us, we were the only ones so it was a small group.

It was good that we only done the one hour because I hurt in places I don’t even have feeling, but it was worth all the pain. Been a long time since I straddled something like a mule for an hour, but my mule Festus was just great with me. We really enjoyed this probably will do this again next year because they will be riding out of Tombstone. That was that for the day, we did stop on the way home at Long John Silvers to have some fish but that was it for the day.

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