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Bentley & Casey at the dog park


Getting ready for Christmas

A “bale” of cotton recently harvested right along 32nd St not far...

Just one of many fields of greens that grow here this time...

Evening sunset here at the Park

Formation of military helicopters fly over the park

Well, now here it is at the beginning of December already!!. Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone!! Time sure does fly by. We have been here for about 5 weeks already. The weather has been a real treat. For the last couple weeks we have had mid to upper 70's during the day, and mid to low 50's at night. We are settling in well and finding all the places we need to in town. Every one here at the park is very very friendly. Part of our journey out here was also so Deb could take advantage of getting some dental work done in Los Algedonas (??sp) Mexico. The cost of dental work, eye care, and pharmacy items just across the border is sooo0 much less than in the States, literally thousands of folks take advantage of that, especially when wintering over in this area. It is only about a 20 mile drive from our park to the border crossing which is at the southern tip of California, just outside AZ. We are super grateful to Tom & Nancy for taking us over the first time to show us how things are done and where to go. We have been and forth for a few appointments now and so far no problems crossing the border. The dental work is progressing, and the biggest and hardest part has been done.


Bentley has been enjoying the park as well. There is a nice gravel path that goes around the park, plus a very nice fenced in dog park. He has made friends with several dogs while at the park, and in particular loves to go there when Casey is there (Casey lives just 3 places up the street from us.)


A lot of the nearby area is rich in agriculture. Lots of leafy greens are grown here, but also we found that they grow cotton here, and also have a large harvest of medjool dates as well.


Just up the road from us is the Yuma airport. It is relatively small, but it is also home to a Marine Corps Air Station. Daily we see all kinds of military aircraft, including but not limited to Osprey’s, Harrier AV8 jets, transport planes and several kinds of helicopters.


2 Ole Buddies + Bentley

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