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Route 40 East

Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs

Waters Running High

Alpine Slide

Steamboat Springs is forty minutes east of Craig. John and I skied Steamboat in the seventies. We both want to revisit the town and see how much it has changed. Okay, this is not one of our best ideas.

I check the weather. It is a beautiful day with temperatures in the fifties. We opt to take the RV. Steamboat is a destination. It is not a scenic drive day.

The trip to Steamboat is an easy run. It is Route 40. There is little elevation change and the speed limit is sixty-five. We can see the mountain in the distance. Obviously, ski season is over but there is still snow in the higher elevations.

We enter town and it is a mecca of tourist activity. We drive through town and find the visitor center.

Our goal is to drive to the ski lodge, find an empty parking lot and take some pictures. Even with a map, we are not successful.

The mountainside is solid condominiums and hotels. This must be a zoo in ski season. Some of the hotels have gondolas to the gondolas. This is not for us. We give up.

Back in town we find parking within walking distance of a restaurant. There are no views of the mountain. We are not Creekside. It is just a restaurant. We cannot wait to get out of town.

So, not all of our ideas work out. We have wonderful memories of Steamboat Springs in the seventies but they will have to remain memories. The town certainly has changed!

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