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Seal of the President


Berlin Wall

Oval Office

If Elected I will


Remember this

Oath of Office

Air Force One Pavilion

Air Force One

Marine One

Inside Marine One


Reagan and Gorbachev


Final Resting Place

Inside Air Force One

Inside Air Force One

We enter Marine One

We enter Air Force One

We will be visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library today. We have waited to visit which means we needed to stay here for some extra days because of Nancy’s funeral. The Library reopened on Sunday but we waited until Monday to visit, hoping it would be less crowded. That didn’t help, there was a large crowd, probably because of Nancy Reagan’s funeral on Friday.

The entrance to the library has you winding up a long drive to the summit of the mountain where the library is situated on to overlook the Simi Valley, surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Once you have arrived at the top the view is breath taking.

The entrance to the library is a large courtyard that leads you to the doorway to enter. The docents are waiting inside to assist with any of a person’s needs. I could see myself doing this as a docent if we had this kind of a venue in our area. They understand the history and are eager to share that knowledge. We toured the exhibits that led you from his younger days to the end of the time he was in office. You pass thru the replica of the Oval Office, displays of gifts he received during his term from world leaders and moments caught on film of important times of this time in office. There is a section of the Berlin Wall that was given, remember his speech, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

Your next stop is the Air Force One Pavilion which houses Air Force One and Marine One. Air Force One was disassembled with the wings, landing gear and tail section removed to transport it and reassembled inside the pavilion, which was quite an undertaking. This Air Force One was used by Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Regan, H.W. Bush, Clinton and W. Bush. The new 747 plane was delivered during the George W. Bush term. I was amazed how small the plane was inside but it only had seating for 52 passengers.

Marine One was very small and tight inside other than the President seat. You sure need to duck you head when you enter or you end up with a headache. The helicopter only seats 15 passengers.

This was well worth the extra days we stayed to view the library.

Need to get back to prepare for out move tomorrow.

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