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So much for Verne's information about it being warmer here, in the 60s. It's in the 30s, although it is not raining the sun is not shiny through the clouds. I had to add another layer and I was still cold.

This morning we did a bus tour of Lyon, a 2000 year old city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. We went up the hill to the Basilica Fourviere, built in late 18th century. There were beautiful mosaics on the walls. Reconstruction of the roof and ceiling are taking place as leaking has caused rust damage. Also went to the crypt. The church is dedicated to thenVirgin Mary who is felt to have saved the city from the plague in 1823. Next to the church is the Metal Tower, a replica of the third level,of the Eiffel Tower, only higher because it sits on a hill. It is now a cell phone tower.

In 1933 the ruins of 2 Roman theaters were found, very interesting to see as you are driving up the hill.

We then went to the Old Town area and walked the cobble stone streets. We walked through the traboules, passageways through buildings and courtyards to get from one street to another. This area is located on the right bank of the Saone River. Here there is a city center and the church of St. Jean with its modern stained glass windows. We also found a small shop to get a warm drink. As the city grew another city center was established.

This area is on the Presqu'ile, the peninsula between the Saone and Rhone rivers.

The first veterinary school in France was established here in 1790s, the building is now the School of Music. A convent is now the School of Arts. The historic hospital building has been rented for the next 99 years to become a luxury hospital.

In the 1980s they started to make paintings on buildings. There are 150 painted buildings. The paintings get updated over the years. A very interesting history on the building we saw.

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