John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

First Stop

Horsetail Falls

Feel The Mist

Old Route 30 Tunnel

Historic Route 30

Second Stop

Second Highest

Often Photographed

Gotta Get There

I Climb

Trail Is Great

On The Bridge

View Of The Columbia

Hear The Roar

My Bridge

Route 30

Third Stop

Not As Scenic

Close Up

Back On 30

Fourth Stop

Vista House - Outside

Vista House

Vista House - Inside

Where We Were - East

Where We Are Going - West


Lewis and Clark Bridge

Alone Again!

Today we relocate. We follow the Interstate for only a couple of miles. We exit onto Historic Route 30. We are on the waterfall route.

We stop at the Horsetail Falls. No hiking required.

We stop at Multnomah Falls. You see these falls in the brochures! They are the second highest year round falls in the US. A trail leads to a bridge across the falls. I go hiking. It is only .2 miles each way but it is a climb.

Our third stop is the Wahkeena Falls. There is another hike to a bridge. I pass.

Route 30 starts to climb. We are on our way to the Vista House. It was built in 1915. We have great views of the Columbia River. We talk with a couple that was checking out our rig. He was stationed at Fort Dix for a year.

We get back on the Interstate and head to Portland. John asks if there is a Ruby Tuesday nearby. Yes, there is. I let the GPS take over.

What large river is this? We cross the Columbia. Why do we always go to Washington for lunch? The Ruby Tuesday is closed but we find a great new soup and salad restaurant in Vancouver, Washington!

The GPS routes us onto Interstate 5 for a half hour. We cross back into Oregon and are back onto Route 30.

The final drive is nice but that last forty minutes always seems long. We pass through Astoria and find our campground. Our KOA host was born in Camden and used to visit Steel Pier. It is a small world.

Once again, we have the campground to ourselves. We will be here through the weekend. I should see the Pacific Ocean tomorrow. We have reached the end of Route 30!

Campground: Astoria KOA

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