Our 'BIG' Adventure 2012 travel blog

9-11 Memorial on the Jersy side.

Leaving the dock on the Ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue...

Sign at entrance to Ellis Island

A beautiful guitar on display at Ellis Island

"Statue of Liberty" what a site to see

One of the 9-11 pools where one tower stood

70 floors on the "Top of the Rock" amazing view from up...

Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock, Central Park below

Hi All, It's been awhile I know, been too busy or tired to get back into this. Believe it or not it does take a lot of time. I asked Jim if he wanted to put in his two cents, of course he said "no". I guess he just wants me to be the ass, like I said before I am not a good creative writer. As far as our trip to NY we stayed on the Jersey side,it was and I believe is the only RV park in the area for miles if any. It's not the best park but it was convenient and close to the subway stations. First day out was easy, we took a ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island was interesting but so many kids running around and yelling, needless to say we did not stay too long in the building. Went outside and had some lunch and waited for the next ferry to the statue. The "Statue of Liberty" was pretty impressive and huge we thought. It is under construction on the inside so there were no tours for that. That was good, and nice to be outside. The weather was nice, some clouds but not cold. Our subway trip to New York was a experience for two hicks from the sticks. Jim really did not want to do this, I thought it was an adventure. We had to figure out how to take the subway to where we wanted to go. The first stop was at the 9-11 Memorial, believe it or not we made it! "I" asked questions along the way to make sure we were going the right directions. The next stop was downtown and we got off in the Theater District, just like what you see on TV or in movies. Of course we did not know what or where to go so we ended up at Rockefeller Plaza, Top of the Rock, that's where the NY pictures were taken from. I thought it was a pretty nice day, of course you will need to talk to Jim to get his thoughts. Well, that's enough BS for today. Until Later Jim and Kathy

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