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York Minster

another view of York Minster

Old Gate

Art Gallery

View back of York Minster

James I coat of Arms

University buildings


Another view of Shambles

Cliffords Tower

River Ouse

Another view of the River Ouse

Geese with chicks

We had visited York several times but quite awhile back. We were going to start our day by walking the old town walls but dogs were not allowed on the walls unfortunately. So instead we headed into the town, Daisy once again enjoying visiting a new place – she is a real tourist!

The history of York goes back to Roman times when they chose the site of modern day York as a military camp. The city was much fought after the Romans and in its time the city of York was:

• Capital of the Roman empires northern European territories.

• Centre for Christianity in northern England for the Roman Catholic Church

• After the fall of York to the Danes in 867AD it was renamed Jorvik and became the capital of eastern England (Danelaw.

The most dominant building in York is York Minster whose foundations we laid in 1080 and over 400 years the Minster was built to how it appears today. A magnificent building. After admiring the Minster we then explored the rest of the old town including Stonegate (where Guy Fawkes parents lived!) and the Shambles which at one time the home of York butchers (shambles in Old English means slaughterhouse).

Our last two stops were Clifford’s Tower the only remaining tower of York Castle established by William the Conqueror and the riverside walk by the River Ouse.

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