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On the boat on our way out to the Whitsunday Islands

Our first stop was Hook island for a bit of snorkelling and...

Up the stairs to get onto Hook Island

Beach at Hook Island

Ken does a spot of baby sitting

Swimming with the fish at Hook


Back on the boat and sailing through the Whitsunday passage - note...


Next stop over is on Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island

Beautiful white beach that spreads for 5 kms

Would have been nicer if we hadn't had to share with so...

Can you see all the red dirt in the water - this...

Ken does a bit of posing!!


What can I say ........


3rd stopover - Daydream Island. Check out the chapel

Pool on day dream island

Daydream Island

Outdoor movie theater on Daydream

Ken rather fancies this job - wedding cart driver!!!!

Back on the boat and home to Airlie


Well we finally got to go to the Whitsunday Islands! Never thought I would be here!! Trouble is we did not get to see it at its best due to the haze caused by the dust storms.

Arrived at Proserpine in the afternoon. First stop was the cement works. 25 years ago there was a young guy traveling around Oz who spent some time working for Murray. He and Ken got on really well so when he left he said to Ken if he ever came to Proserpine to look him up - his Dad owned the cement works so he would be easy to find. Well he was right! His Dad sold the works quite a few years back but they knew who Ross was so gave us his mobile number. Ken phoned and left a message and a couple of hours later he phoned back. He was camping on one of the islands with his family but was keen to catch up for a coffee before we left.

Next day we went off on a 3 island tour of the Whitsundays. First stop was Hook Island where we were told there would be magnificent snorkeling off the fringe reef. While we were on the boat I had chatted briefly with a woman who had her 4 month old baby strapped to her. When we got off the boat at Hook and started up the stairs we noticed her struggling with the baby, her 2 and 3 year old's and all the luggage that goes with taking a small family on a days outing. We offered a helping hand with Ken carrying the 2 year old and me carrying the luggage. Once on the beach we found out that Dad had taken up the opportunity to go scuba diving leaving Mum behind with the family to see to! Nice one Dad! As Ken was not so fussed about doing the snorkeling he offered to baby sit the kids so she could have a swim - an offer she was very grateful for. I had a bit of a snorkel but it was not the best I have done (am becoming a little bit spoilt I have decided!!). The water was not very clear and the tide was out making it very difficult to swim without touching the coral. One of the deckhands was out on a small boat throwing food into the water which brought heaps of fish into the area. It was fun swimming among them but I did feel it was very contrived - much prefer the more natural element when it comes to this kind of experience.

We then had a quick look down the underwater observatory (with Ken still looking after his little charge)and then onto the glass bottom boat.

Then it was off sailing through the Whitsunday passage (again spoilt a bit by the haze) until we arrived on Whitehaven Beach - now this was more like it! Beautiful white sandy beach stretching for 5 kms (we were warned not to attempt to walk it as we would miss our boat back). First of all we were a bit put off by what we thought was an oil slick in the water but then we realized it was the red dust being washed up on the shore. Lovely time just relaxing on the beach though it was a little spoilt (again!!) by the number of people we had to share it with - one of the drawbacks of having to do it on an organized cruise.

After an hour and a half here it was back on the boat again and off to Daydream Island where we again spent about an hour and a half exploring the resort.

A good day but will have to come back when the weather is better.

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