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wind surfers living it up!

our camper van

tea time

road kill!! gone to kangaroo heaven!

eagle at road side

coral bay

reef sharks, didn't swim there!

coral bay

Hi guys

3 days ago we hired a campervan and have been touring the west coast. Its so cool having your own wheels but the distances out here are unbelievable, so far we have covered 1500km and have only passed though about 3 major towns (well a major town out here is any place with a population of 5000 people) so you can kind of get the drift.

There is nothing out here except red dust and bushes. We have seen kagaroos though and goats, and massive eagles usually feasting on the road kill and theres lots of that too (it allways seems to be kangarros aswell, the goats are too brainy to be run over!!!).

We have been stopping in beach side campsites, with no water or power (but our trusty van has reserves.) Very isolated but the views of the stars are emense coz there are no sources of light for miles and miles!

We started out from Perth and travelled right up the coast to Coral Bay over 2 days. There is a coral reef here that rivals the great barrier so we had to try some diving. It was pretty good and even got to see the deadly lionfish. There was also some excellent snorkelling to be had and we made full use of our new toys, our mask, snorkel, boots and fins. Round the bay there was also a reef shark nursery so we wandered over and took a peek and saw about 20 sharks just meters from the beach, and they certinly didn't look like babies to us!!!!

We are now heading up to a place called Monkey Mia, where wild dolphins come into the beach every day to be fed by rangers, you can also swim with them if you are lucky so hopefully it should be a great experiance, and its free!!!!

ps sorry about the long periods of no writing, we are struggling to find internet over here so we will be in touch when we can xxxx

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