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Snow on the Andes - Chile/Argentina border

the tastiest steaks in the world!


Miriam & me with the Portuguese boys

drunk Miriam


Plaza Indepencia


Parque San Martin

Tiago & me - ice cream in the park


Adios Miriam - until Buenos Aires!


Michael & Teresa at the wine museum

more wine tasting

vineyards & the Andes

ruta vino

lunch at a vineyard

on the rose!

biking back - a bad idea!

in action!


liquors next..

back in one piece!

Arrived in Argentina after the coldest border crossing ever and having to queue up in the snow waiting to get stamped! (First for everything!) The border is right up in the Andes and so much snow everywhere was v surprised - but was lucky to make it over though as that night there was a huge storm and the border ended up being closed for a week - so am v glad wasn't stranded in Chile for an extra week!

Caught up with Miriam again in Mendoza who of course had rounded up a group of friends from the hostel and ready for a big night out...had my first Argentinian steak and after so much hype about them i definitely was not disapointed!..i know what i'll be living on for the next month! delicious...and as for the wine - well i am in heaven, and am already in love with this country!

Mendoza is a really lovely city and again feels like am in Europe not South America (Bolivia feels worlds away already!) - so many plazas and parks and the sun was always shining so pefect for walking around and exploring...

And as Mendoza is in the heart of the wine country i of course had to do some wine tasting while i was definitely becoming an expert and thinking of a career change...

anyway i went on a "wine and bikes" tour with a few others from the hostel and was such a fantastic day... you basically get a bike and a map and are left to go where you want - there are about 20 vineyards all within a 15km stretch of road (The Ruta Vino) that all offer tasting and we started off very cultured by visiting the wine museum, and then onto the wineries...lost count after about 5 but i know we had a delicious lunch at one of them!..the cycle back was pretty hard work but v funny - fortunately we had had the sense of starting at the vineyard furthest away so the last one was pretty close to the finish!

So was pretty exhausted by the end of it - perfect for my next night bus!

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