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The Hairdresser Has a Field Day

Evidence of Destruction

An Extra Bonus!

Brad Goes Monk

We certainly spent our fair share of time in Luang Prabang. It truly is a charming town that you can just get absorbed into very easily. We spent many of our afternoons exploring the banks of the mighty Mekong and our evenings engulfed in the tempting Night Market. We did buy a bedspread (Brad gets to carry it!) but at the hotel I noticed that its square as opposed to rectangular, so we'll see if it fits.

One particularly enjoyable evening was spent at the spa. We had a couple's Luang Prabang Special. And boy was it special! For $9 each we had two hours of bliss. First one hour of Lao-Swedish massage, then 20 minutes of herbal steam sauna, followed by a 40 minute seaweed body masque. We really felt so decadent when we left and I'm dreaming of my next massage already.

Another special afternoon was spent shaving Brad's head. After our day of wats and monks Brad had a dream that he too was a monk. So when he awoke he was determined to get the monk cut. Even without any pressure from me who had promised not to badger him about a haircut during our whole trip. We found a salon and quite conveniently some monks were passing by so we pointed to their heads. The hairdresser caught on quickly and looked eager to get at Brad's locks. No sooner than she started to shave his head the heavens opened up outside and a downpour began that lasted till exactly the end of his haircut. Ominous indeed. He looks quite good as a monk and I'm hoping that the cut will last a few months at least.

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