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Our camp spot

Lake Powell looking towards Navajo Power Plant

Lake Powell looking towards Glen Canyon Dam

Rinsed our wheels off down there

Heading down to Lake Powell Marina

Nice interior on 12 person 75' party boat

Party here

Where to?

This would be a fun time!

Overlooking Lake Powell Marina

On the move



Quite a sight!

View of dam and Lake Powell from visitor center


View from outside of Visitor Center


Early USCG boat

Tapography of Lake Powell at Visitor Center

Norman Rockwell Picture

Rods drilled into wall for support

River side of the dam

Lake Powell side of dam

It is mighty tall

One and half more years and the dam will be paid for.

Eight Turbines. One being replaced with stainless steel

The observation deck/visitor center

Replaced with stainless steel (won't rust)

Two football field of grass, watered by seepage & takes 1 day...

We are enjoying our time here in Page, AZ except for the fact that it is just too hot...upper 90's. We are parked at the Page Elks Club for $15 a night which includes water and 30 amp electricity. This means we can only run one air conditioner, and it's having a hard time keeping up.

Page is a lovely little town out here in the middle of no where. Had it not been for the building of the dam, there wouldn't be a town here.

We toured the Glen Canyon Dam for a fee of $5.00 each and it was well worth it! Here are some facts...Built in 1957 it took 7 years to complete. The dam was built as a water storage on the Colorado River. It stands 710' above bedrock. The concrete buckets used to build the dam carried 24 tons each. It took approximately 400,000 of them to get the job done. The power plant houses 8 turbines and provides an average of 5 billion kilowatts of power annually.

Len and I walked across the Glen Canyon Bridge. It was built in 1957 and took 2 yrs to build. It is 700 ft above the river and spans 1,028 feet. It was actually built in San Francisco in a field on its side. It was then taken apart in 4 sections and transported via train and reassembled. That would have been interesting to watch!

Up around the bend is the Lake Powell Resort & Marina as well as the Wahweap campground. What a hopping place. Boats were being transported across land and the marina was a buzz with people loading up their boats for a weekend or week (judging by all the stuff) of fun. Lake Powell is the 2nd largest water reservoir in the country. It is 186 miles long with 1,960 miles of shoreline. They started filling the reservoir in 1963 and it took 17 years to fill it to full capacity. We had planned on taking a boat tour, but it was just too darn hot. Something to look forward to on another visit.

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