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Nosey brolga , Kynuna Roadhouse

Blue Heeler Pub Kynuna

Elderslie st.Winton

North Gregory Hotel

Waltzing Matilda Centre - Billabong Theatrette

Ford with redback dunny

Age of Dinosaurs Museum

"Banjo" on the prowl

View from the Jump Up

Laboratory area

Palaeontologist at work in the Lab.

19th August

Today has been a hot, dry and windy drive. The cattle and sheep we are seeing in the paddocks look to be in very poor condition, appears to be no feed for them.

Along the way we had a fuel stop at Kynuna. The nosey Brolga put a smile on our faces, not sure if he was hoping for breakfast. He didn't appear to be worried about customers going in and out the door.

Arriving in Winton we are staying at the Matilda Caravan Park. Lucky us we have been put in a nice shady area. There is entertainment and roast on every night. Mel and Susie have been entertaining the park patrons with bush poetry for the last five years.

20th August

Winton is famous for its town water supply, which thrusts its way to the earths surface from four bores, all around 1.2 kilometres deep emerging at a temperature of 83 deg c cooled to 44 deg c before being reticulated into the town supply.

Winton is best known as the home of Waltzing Matilda, Winton is the place where A B [Banjo] Paterson, wrote our national song in 1895, whilst visiting Dagworth Station.

Legend has it that the first public performance of Waltzing Matilda happened at Wintons North Gregory Hotel on the 6th April 1895. We enjoyed visiting the Waltzing Matilda Centre especially the Billabong Theatrette, where the ghost tells his side of the story of Waltzing Matilda. Exploring the "Home of the Legends" room, the famous time line of Wintons history in the Quantilda Museum we spent an interesting few hours.

21st August

A cool change has come through during the night which we are enjoying. Today Winton is well known for something more ancient, dinosaurs. Australian Age of Dinosaurs is home to the worlds largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils and the biggest fossil preparation laboratory in the southern hemisphere.

On our tour today we met "Banjo"[Australovenator wintonensis], the largest predatory animal ever discovered in Australia.

Located on top of a huge mesaplateau called "The Jump Up" there are huge rocky outcrops, cliffs canyons and spectacular distance views. We found this an interesting and informative place to visit and highly recommend a visit

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