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One of many drilling rigs

God's Work

Such beauty-and underground

These have been names lion's tails

Reaching for the sky

These looked so sharp but we could not touch

Some were so large!

This was named a fairy village


Heading out of the Park

Such grandeur

Looked like a village in the side of the mountain

Back at base camp

Resting in the sunshine!

Destiny's "walk"

Today we drove to the Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The mountain scenery is so awe inspiring with such magnificent uniqueness to each area. Having gotten an early start as Linda always wants to do, we were amazed that Carlsbad was loaded with people, especially a whole lot of teens, so we entered the caverns with much trepidation. The behavior of the youth was pretty good and the caverns were even more amazing than on our previous trip. It is huge with just one room the size of fourteen football fields. The many formations are just lovely and no two are alike. Don't know when, but I sure hope we get to visit Carlsbad one more time in this life. We chose not to stay and watch the bats leave for their nightly hunt, because we're just too damn old for late night outings.

One interesting activity to share concerns our exit from Carlsbad. The park road is very steep and winding with much beauty to behold. It is also a bit treacherous with steep and deep drop offs. I was driving and Linda was the photographer and we were truly enjoying and appreciating some of God's handiwork when I noticed some flashing lights in my mirror which were mounted in the grill of a Park Service SUV. I pulled over to let them pass and they pulled over too. The very nice lady officer explained that I was driving erratically and was all over the road. She and her partner felt it wise to stop me to see if there was anything wrong. Now I may be a retired drunk, but I know what she meant. The only thing she could smell on my breath, however, was water. She was very nice about it so I didn't explain to her that I frequently practiced erratic driving for many many years.

The temps here are in the upper 80's today and we had some sit in the sun time and even took Destiny for a very short walk. This formerly feral cat is afraid when outside. Oh well.

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