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A bus trip back towards where we came from to the town of Beaune (pronounced Bone), wine capital of Burgundy. Many of the vineyards are still owned by Hospices de Beaune, founded in 1443 as a hospital.

We visited the hospital, Hotel Dieu. It is very large and served as a hospital from 1452 until 1971. There were 30 beds lined up end to end on both sides of the room with a very high ceiling. The beds were short and narrow, as they did not sleep lying down, only dead people lay flat, and 2 persons to a bed. There was actually "privacy" as the curtains in front of the bed were closed and the nuns entered from the back side. The beds all faced towards the chapel in front of the room so even if you couldn't get out of bed you could attend mass.

A second room was for those that were dying, only one person to a bed here. They had some old instruments, a hand drill for the head, and different blood letting instruments. The roof is made of the brightly colored tiles that are common to this area.

We also stopped to visit the cathedral with its 3 rows of scary people heads hanging above the entrance.

We went to Le Cellier de la Cabiote for wine tasting. There are 4 kinds of grapes grown for the wine made here, 2 major kinds and 2 minor ones. The wine is named for the area it is produced and the quality of grapes used.

We tasted 2 whites and 2 reds. The first was made from the minor grape Aligote and the second for the major white grape, Chardonnay. The red wines were from the minor grape, Gamay, and the major, Pinot Noir. Of course Verne got double tastes as he got to finish mine after my one sip of each!

Lunch was a chicken leg with a mustard sauce (of course) and there was wine!

The town was quiet with a few stores, mostly wine, opened as it is Monday. Monday is a day off to recover from not working since Friday noon!

Answer to Joke: "They don't like Fast Food"!

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