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Boule in Nice

And more boule



more alps!

in digne les-baine

as always interesting roundabouts and lots of flowers

roman ruins

Taking the dog for a ride

1Forgot to tell you the symbolism of the square head containing Nice library admin.

"If you don't read or expand your knowledge in some way you end up with a square block head."

And also that Boules was interesting to watch

Today was a train trip up into the French Alps. Getting to the train was an experience in itself.

Another bouquet to the French. The station of departure was NOT the main Nice station not far from us, So it was getting directions,which were of the arm pointing left and right and "du tre du" to indicate number of blocks. As there was usually also other french words in between that i didn't understand, ater a few streets Id ask again. Finally with less than 10 minutes to go I asked a man whose response was first to sAY "WOULD THIS be easier in English?" to give the dog lead and his bag to his partner and with a "come," off we went. Made it in time for the ticket person to yell 'No No", to my waved money and "GO GO" pointing to the platform entrance. I ran jumped on the packed train and off we went! (IT was a very small station)

fantastic scenery. a 3 hour trip each way made it a bit long but well worth it.

WE were supposed to switch to a steam engine as the alps got steeper. It had broken down so it was onto a bu instead.

Photos, especially taken from a moving train, don't show the height very well, but it was a neck craning experience. Lots of rushing water, steep hills, deep valleys little villages tucked away, or sitting beside the railway line but still with hilly streets. Houses perched in what seemed to be precarious positions.

Other than locals hopping on and off most travellers seemed to be trekkers,

At the last stop - Digne Les-Baine- it was out off for some lunch, a quick walk around and back onto the bus and back.

Met Mike and Yve at the bus/train change over point. They had been on the later train.

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