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6 month travelstone. Lobster at Scally's


What better way to celebrate a cycle round the island with coconut...

A stop on the way to a glorious day on the beach

Kombok Villas

The view from Kombok Villas

Relaxing at sunset after a game of footie with the locals

Budget travel, we are in box 1

Complimentary coconut from our hotel


After disembarking onto our third Gili island we were in the mind set that securing every accommodation on the Gili's was going to be a laid back pleasure. Having rejected one hotel tout for being 50R too expensive we settled for a sunset bungalow on the north side of island. Getting there was a bit of a hike through a huge paddy field dodging a few bulls with the largest population of flies stuck to their hair, eyes and dangly bits I had ever seen, the tout succumbed to picking up Petrina's ruck-sack from the floor and carried it a further 10 mins to the beach front "standard" bungalow. Well, rather optimistically our impression turned into an ooh-arhhh great, it looks fabulous - we were pleased with the dressing table, state of the art fan and huge bathroom, however far it felt it was from the main stretch of restaurants. Enduring one night of "you want smoke' and seeing shady young males lingering in the dark outside we ate a great breakie of egg and toast (at least it was one of the best i have eaten) Chris was still waking up from a night-less sleep due to me waking up in the night and desperately needing the loo and being completely freaked out in the pitch black not knowing where I was demanding Chris to "please can you get out of bed and turn the light on". So we made off swiftly before the midday sun and fell into the capable hands of a genuine lovely tout who took us to Kombok Villas.

In keeping with Gili T and M, Gili A continued to delight us with tropical fish, clear blue water and gleeming sunshine.

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