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Osaka is a fantastic place to hang out in Japan. First day that I was here I spent it walking through a really large and interesting aquarium. The Osaka aquarium is quite neat architecturally speaking as it is six stores tall and has a spiral like structure to walk through all the way down (escalator to the top from the start). The really large tank in the middle has all types of fish, sting rays, and sharks etc. all swimming together. It is quite the sight to see. I found out about this aquarium from a girl that was staying in Kyoto and she said that she literally spent the day just looking at these fish and I can believe it. There are quite a few benches in areas that have lots of marine life and they are so interesting. Even the otters and seals were really fun just to watch for a while as they swim and play around. Some were even quite aware of the people watching and would follow hand movements all over the glass in circles, etc. There were even crabs that were so big it didn't seem real. Some of the crabs looked like each arm was literally about a metre long and whose body was big enough to rival that of a child.

The second day that I spent in Osaka was also really really cool. I spent the entire day at Universal Studios Japan!!! This place is so darn cool and it reminded me a lot of Disneyland in California but with a Japanese twist. I started out watching the Universal Monsters Live Rock and Roll Show and it was quite good. Most of the songs were in English but all of the comedy and commentary was in Japanese. The Japanese are so interesting when they speak and act as they are so into whatever they are doing. Even though I had no idea what was going on in between the songs it was a lot of fun to watch. I ended up going on quite a few different rides such as Spider-man, Jurassic Park, JAWS, and the Space Fantasy ride and they were all fantastic. The Space Fantasy ride was a lot like Space Mountain in Disneyland where you ride for the most part in the dark with neon lights all around but they spin you around in this giant cup looking apparatus which is quite different and it made it so fun. A few of the rides really surprised me like the 4-D Spider-man ride. It is a ride where it takes you in a moving vehicle that spins around etc but the 3-D effects were totally off the wall. At one point in the ride I really felt like I was falling at incredible speed, but it turns out that the vehicle that we were in wasn't moving at all, but the screen in front of us and the wind heading our way made it feel like we were moving. It may have been in Japanese but it was so much fun to go on that I would certainly do it again in a heartbeat.

I took loads of photos and videos when I was there and put them into two different galleries. You can find the photos here, and the videos here.

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