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After our ultimate decision to head to the North Island as quickly as we could (not for lack of enthusiasm about the South Island, but for reasons concerning our budget and the longer trip we have to keep in mind), we passed quickly through the small towns on the east coast. Kaikoura was one of these small towns that we wished we had more time to explore, but vow to return. It is known for its whale and dolphin watching, (something to do with the makeup of the coastline here lures the sea creatures to its waters)and is a quaint little village set below the mountains. We stopped only to call about a ferry reservation, and to grab a coffee to keep our driver awake (his name is Jon, and he's the best damn chauffeur a girl could ask for, so, I bought him a cup of joe).

It was a strange feeling, driving that last bit of coast towards Picton, to know that in only hours we would board the ferry once again to cross the strait. Our decision had been well thought through, yet quick, and so we didn't really have time to really process that this would be our last day in the South (until we come back again, of course!)

We arrived in Picton (the port town of the South) in plenty of time to make pasta for dinner in the van, and have loads of waiting time in line for the ferry at 9:30 pm.

The rest of this adventure was uneventful. The ferry got us to the north safely and without hassle, and allowed us a bit of shut-eye as well. Arriving in Wellington at 12:30 am, feeling a bit ot of sorts, we decided to drive an hour outside of the city to find a place to put the van for the night.

It was nearly 2:30 am when we found (a very strange) rest area/sports complex/duck pond/deserted campervan park and lay our weary heads to rest. (It was WARM sleeping!!)

Welcome back to the North Island.

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