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View into Akaroa Harbour from the road in

What are all those yellow flowers?


Depart Lake Tekapo: 4597 km (11.05)

Today was a beautiful day, with clear blue skies and no wind. Probably around 20'c. Unfortunately we spent most of it driving, but anyway, it made for great driving conditions. We drove from Tekapo to Akaroa, which is just south east of Christchurch. It's a bit further than we calculated actually, so we're a bit tired, but in any event it is beautiful. The whole area is an extinct volcano, so very hilly. It's also lush and green, and we're right on the sea overlooking the bay.

Unfortunately the camp site is the only one, so it's really busy. Much too many people for my liking. Often the problem is that the site owners have no idea – or don't care – how to cram people in to best effect and you all end up falling all over each other, while other parts of the camp are left deserted. Still, the wine is helping me see things in a more positive light, and if I get really cross, then I just remind myself that I could be at home thinking about going to work tomorrow!

About an hour outside of Tekapo the mountains fell behind us, and we drove onto the Canterbury Plains, which surprisingly are very flat. They're very green as well, but then there's a lot of irrigation going on. They seem to water fields even with nothing much growing in them. A feast for the sheep maybe?

It's just coming up to 8 now, and we're sitting in the back of the camper, watching the sun set over the mountains, drinking some wine. Very content. Shortly Nick will have to think about cooking dinner....I'll supervise :o)

Not sure what tomorrow will bring!

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