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Maya in Denver

Maya in Denver

Maya in Denver

Maya in Denver

Jeff, Linda and Maya at their home in Denver

Jeff, me and Maya in Denver

I left yesterday morning for Moab after spending 2 great days in Denver with Jeff, Linda and Maya, and arrived here at about 4:30pm after quite an eventful day on the road.

It was snowing in Denver when I left, but from what I could tell that should have stopped west of Denver. Wrong! It was very cold and windy so even when it wasn't snowing the snow on the ground was blowing all over the place which made for quite reduced visibility at times. Things weren't too bad until I started up the Vail mountain, and then it went downhill rapidly. Prior to that the roads had some snow on them, but the highway was showing thru most of the time. As I started up the Vail mountain it started to snow like crazy and the roads became completely covered with snow and they were quite rough most of the time. The wind was blowing like crazy which turned it into what I would call a blizzard. This went on for 10 to 15 miles or so. Traffic was going at between 15 and 25 mph with flashers on, and at times it was hard to see the car ahead of me. My truck did just fine and I was really happy to have the new All-Terrain tires on it. I didn't have to put it in 4 X 4 except when I left I70 for gas. I don't feel that I was ever in any real danger, but it did have my undivided attention. I haven't driven in this kind of weather for a very long time, maybe since Buffalo, NY. Actually, it was quite a bit of fun. I probably wouldn't have made the trip if I'd known how bad it would be, but now that I'm safely here I'm glad that I did.

I'm taking today to defuse and get some things done before hitting the road again heading toward the Phoenix area. I've had about enough of this cold, wintry weather. It got down to 24 degrees over nite, but should be in the 50's today.

I found out something new about my rig last night. I'm hooked up to 50 amp power here at the campground so I'm using the heatpumps. I forgot to change over to the propane furnace before I went to bed, but this morning I woke up to the sound of the big furnace fan when I hadn't turned the furnace on. What I found out was that the system automatically converts to the propane furnace when the temperature outside gets to low for the heatpumps to work and then converts back to the heatpumps when it warms up outside. How neat is that! I continue to be amazed at this Dutch Star. I think that I did well in purchasing it.

Today I'll be doing laundry, shopping for groceries, and organizing things for my trip south.

The trip to Virginia was outstanding, but it's great to be back home again, and to me the Dutch Star is my home.

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