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The Olgas at sunset

Ayres rock at sunset

up at the crack of a sparrows fart to see this sunrise

sunrise over the rock

the challange ahead!

a cheeky one at the top!!!!

on top of the world!

tour of the base

aborigonal art!!

Hi everyone, sorry we have been away so long, we have been in the desert looking at a great big rock!!!

We flew over to Ayres rock, the scenery was pretty cool, there really is nothing for hours and hours, just red sand and withering bushes. We landed and stoppped in the ayres rock resort which is a hotel complex in the middle of no where. And man it's hot, 44'C the day we landed!

We saw the sun set over the rock that night and also had a great view of The Olgas, another rock formation 120km away from the rock itself, It was cool but it didnt change into all the colurs of the rainbow like we were told, and the flies, OH MY GOD!!!! Never have we been so annoyed by them, there were hundreds of flies, tiny bit smaller then the average house fly and they wanted to feast on the moisture from your eyes, lips and ears! It was bad, you had to constantly waft your hands around your face till your arms were tired but you still coundn;t stop coz they were relentless. It was so bad that you couldn't even eat outside, coz you couldn't get your food in your mouth without eating a fly! When we first got there we saw people with nets over thier faces and we had a good laugh at them coz they looked stupid, but oh how the last laugh was on us when we realised why!

Anyway, i digress, the next day we were up at 4.45am to catch the bus to see the sun rise, it was a beautiful sun rise and the rock looked awesome. After that we went to the base and began the climb to the summit. Wow it was hard, nearly vertcal, you had to pull yourself up using a chain at times, we nearly gave up half way to the top, but the first bit was the worst and it got easier after that.

At the top James threw caution (and his clothes) to the wind and let it all hang out, there were a few japanese who found it highly amusing!!!

We had a snack at the top then went back down for a stroll round the base and a look at some aborigonal paintings on the rock itself, very nice!

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