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Valparaiso harbour at night


graffitti everywhere








wine barrells

wine tasting



becoming an expert...

Tina & I winetasting

Steven & Alan



another vineyard.....






meat feast

Valparaiso is a very colourful and chilled out harbour town near the capital of Santiago...we arrived quite late in the evening and had a bit of a nightmare getting somewhere to stay but eventually we found a lovely little guesthouse in the old was owned by a local guy called Renee and was basically his house he'd converted - thought it was a bit dodgy at first (well i did as thought the taxi driver just dropped us off at his mates house!) but turned out ok when we realised there were other travellers staying there too...Renee was very sweet and took some of us on a tour of the nearby vineyards the next day - the wines here are amazing and think i'll quickly get my wine drinking skills back - have definitely lost them over the last few months, due to it being such poor quality everywhere!

Spent the next day exploring the city and looking at all the art everywhere on the street walls - is amazing!..So am leaving Chile after a very short visit - next country Argentina... more great wine and food!

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