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USS Truman number

Yeah, we were boarding at 4:30 AM!

Lift off the support copter


Blake's fighter squadron

View from below deck

Proud mama

Man that's a big chain!

Another from below

On the elevator

Shootin the boots!


Here they come!

...and they are coming in

nice and easy



another one

Pull that cable tight!

Uh oh, here comes big boy!

Almost Down



Fold them wings and park it

Wings folding down

Not Blake, but what he does

There she goes!

Get that big butt in the air

Sending an F-14


Touch and go

and gone

and back



Dropping some dummies



Angel wings

This dude is crazy...,must be a SEAL

One last flyover

Sundown on the bridge

Been a long day!

We got top go to Family Day on the USS Truman. Blake's fighter squadron had been assigned to this carrier and they had just got back from TDY. So the navy allowed friends and family to come on board for the day and take us out for a cruise.

It was an awesome experience! It is hard to capture or explain the immensity of the ship. It is huge! Anyway, we went out into the Gulf Steam somewhere and they flew in some jets from VA Beach. They captured three F-14s and a Hawkeye and then sent them back out again.

They then did a series of "touch and go" off the flight deck and were joined by several other jets. Two jets came by and broke the sound barrier right in front of us! It felt like a canon hit you! There were a bunch of maneuvers done as an air show and then they flew off in formation.

"Shootin the boots" comes from the ritual of the "Shooters" (who are pilots in training and they have to work the flight deck before they can fly) graduating from flight deck duty. On their last day as shooters they get to "shoot" their flight deck boots into the ocean to signify that they are done.

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