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The day started well but then slowly deteriorated. More of that later.

The campground at Hasmark Strand was now very busy. The big overfill field where we had parked when we arrived we were the only one, when we left there was at least 20 caravans and the rest of the campground was full. The Danes were now on holiday and rug rats or ankle biters (children) were everywhere so were glad to leave.

We got away in good time and had a very good journey. From Funen to get onto the Zealand Island we had to cross the spectacular Great Belt Bridge which is 18km long and crosses the Storebælt.

We arrived at the campground in Copenhagen. This is when things started to go downhill. Firstly there were at least four units in front of us waiting to register lined up on the entry road. The reception was like a mad house. We went and looked at the spot allocated to us and realised it was too small both in length and width. (We had contacted them before hand with our size and they had said no problem) We were also concerned about the turn after the gate to get to the pitch as it was tight and there were lots of posts, concrete plant pots and large stones. We went back to the reception and one of the managers was called. We then walked back to the pitch with the manager and it was agreed that we could go across two pitches or be tucked up in a corner pitch where it would be difficult to turn out it another unit was in the next pitch.

We carefully drove to the pitch but as Tony turned the bend he caught the back end of the coach on a metal post. Fortunately he only scratched the paintwork. We tried both pitches and decided in the end to take across two pitches option although not in the best position.

We set up and suddenly realised that the coach was not maintaining its level on the front passenger corner. When we looked at the levelling jack at the front we found a lot of hydraulic fluid on the plate. We had a leak-now what do we do? We are in Denmark where caravans rule with an American motorhome. Tony realised that if we could get a specialist in heavy plant hydraulics then they may be able to sort the problem. The office staff were very helpful and were able to find such a company. We rang them and they said they could send somebody out the next day.

By the end of the day we were stressed out!

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